After a bit of a hiatus, we’ve returned to Guatemala. It’s still the rainy season. Fortunately, we had several weeks of decent weather. First, we were in Jackson Hole at my parents’ house for the eclipse. Jackson was in the path of totality, which led me to expect that we would be plunged into total darkness. This didn’t happen; it was just like an eerie, 360 degree sunset, midday. The temperature dropped a bit. It was cool. I think some people were disappointed: the people expecting the Apoc-eclipse.

There were stories of townies stocking up on canned goods and water. There was widespread concern over power and cell service, which the local media did its best to encourage. Fake news. A local man was spotted at a local hardware store, renting a generator, because…the eclipse. The ten-minute eclipse. General anxiety and a vague sense of obligation to prepare for disaster ran through a certain sector of the population prior to the event. I am talking about old people.

Nothing happened. We put on eclipse glasses and ate spinach dip. No weird animal behavior. No stampedes. No one went blind and nothing exploded and then it was over. Ripples of disappointment could be felt ricocheting throughout the valley. But then, finally, the true source of panic revealed itself: traffic.

There was apparently a lot of traffic in the national parks. Record traffic in Yellowstone. People were stuck in their car for hours, looking out the window at nature’s splendor.

Apocalypse. Vindication.

Old people hate traffic.

Here are some photos from the day:


Colonial child enjoys moonpie




And one fuzzy picture of everyone looking directly into the sun. Forgive the unsteady hands. (Three Bloody Moonies.)


Then we hiked and rode bikes and hit the town.


A few weeks later, we went to Houston after Harvey and visited family, and spent two days in College Station where we had our movers re-route our belongings from London. Almost everything was broken so I alternated between rage and denial. But now I feel like, who needs all that stuff? Mo money mo problems.

(I want the stuff.)

So now we’re back in the rain, eating beans daily. And A had her first intestinal parasite. Potential visitors, fear not: parasites are common, so medicine is readily available!

See you soon!

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